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Relieving Your Ache Joints and Arthritis -- are there Options?
Copyright 2005 Kamau Austin, All Rights Reserved
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Can New Joint Treatments Like MSM and Phosoplex Help Relieve
Joint, Back and Knee Pain?
The Baby Boomer generation or those approaching fifty to
sixty-five years of age is the fastest growing segment of the
US population.  Although these maturing adults are expected to
live longer than their predecessors, many complain of joint,
back, and knee pain as eroding their quality of life.
One of the most common conditions of these types of pain is
Osteoarthritis according to Dr. Jonathan Cluett, M.D.  Cluett
explains "osteoarthritis is characterized by progressive wearing
away of the cartilage of the joint. As the protective cartilage
is worn away by knee arthritis, bare bone is exposed within the
Back and joint pain are also big problems for many mature
adults, but there may be relief for those suffering with these
ailments with treatments like MSM and Phosoplex.
Is MSM a breakthrough treatment for Joint Pain?
MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane) is derived from natural organic
sulfur and is a nutritional supplement with tremendous success
in helping to alleviate joint pain.  Highly regarded Dr. Earl
Mindel is a proponent of MSM and has written a book on its
advantages.  In Dr. Mindel's book he stresses the benefits of
"Methyl-sulfonyl-methane (MSM) has an amazing ability to assist
and cure myriad health problems. Neither a medicine nor a drug,
MSM is a safe and natural source of sulfur that has been used
to successfully treat asthma, allergies, skin problems, yeast
infections, muscle cramps, arthritis, stress, diabetes,
fatigue, and much more. MSM also supports the effectiveness of
conventional medical treatments and may even reduce the need
for painkillers, antihistamines, and other medications."
Mindel also states that MSM has little problem with toxicity
levels " MSM exhibits very low toxicity--in fact, its toxicity
profile is similar to water. And within limits, you cannot
overdose on MSM because the body will take and use whatever
it needs and naturally flush any excess from the body."
Many doctors and health professionals agree MSM definitively
holds tremendous promise with treating pain associated with
aging or sports injuries.  MSM however is just the beginning of
promising treatments for ailing mature adults.
Phosoplex -- Building on MSM and other Best of Breed Nutritional
Phosoplex is an advanced nutritional supplement that combines
the essential ingredients of MSM with other beneficial
supplements like glucosamine sulfate.  The other active
ingredient in Phosoplex "glucosamine" is advocated by well
respected Dr. Andrew Weil MD.  He states "Supplements such as
glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate may actually help
restore damaged tissue structure in joints, perhaps because
these two substances are natural constituents of healthy

Phosoplex also contains other premium nutritional supplements

like Biocell Collagen ll and Nextrutine in a time released
formula to support healthy joints and ease pain associated with
This nutritional mix of high quality ingredients has given real
positive life style and health benefits to Ricky Smith of New
York City.  Smith once was sidelined from sports activity
because of a torn meniscus in both knees playing basketball.

According to Mr. Smith, quickly approaching fifty, "he was

gaining a lot of weight because he couldn't exercise due to knee
pain".  Even after his knee healed Ricky experienced stiffness
and discomfort with strenuous running exercises.  Smith tried
Phosoplex and confides "my knees and back have a lot less
stiffness and pain while using Phosoplex -- even in strenuous
activities like jogging and weight training."
Todd from Dublin Ireland has a similar story " I've had back
pain for years. I always use herbal supplements, because I
believe in them and they work for me. I tried all sorts of
herbal pain relief products, but none of them could control my
back pain until I started using Phosoplex. This is the product I
was looking for! Now I can live with my back, and I know that
Phosoplex is safe, because it's all natural.
Phosoplex probably works so well because it has the best of
today's leading ingredients used to alleviate back and joint
pain.  Given its ingredients and track record Phosoplex is
something you should seriously consider to help you if you
experience joint pain or need support in these areas.
Phosoplex is developed by Optimal Therapeutics and can be
obtained at or at .

Kamau Austin is a health enthusiast and advocate
who publishes a portal for middle age health at...

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