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Last Update: Sun, 13 Oct 2019 19:34:01 -0400
  • Oct 13, Coming This Season: Tranquility Beach Anguilla
    The premier Meads Bay project has made outstanding progress. Tranquility Beach Anguilla will be opening as a boutique hotel with vacation rentals and ownership opportunities this season. A huge congratulations to Sugar George, Neil Freeman and their team!

  • Oct 13, Turtle's Nest Beach Resort... Anguilla Hotels & Condos on Meads Bay
    Turtle's Nest Beach Resort is one of the most loyally loved Anguilla hotels and Anguilla condos complex. Located on Meads Bay, the endless views of the Caribbean are what make this Anguilla resort truly unique.

  • Aug 6, Blanchards Anguilla Restaurant
    Blanchards Anguilla restaurant is one of Anguilla's most famous restaurants. Bob and Melinda truly deliver a phenomenal meal, from the food, to the ambience, to their kind hospitality. Their restaurant encapsulates the passion that shines through in their book, A Trip to the Beach.

  • Aug 1, Bankie Banx's Dune Preserve Beach Bar
    Bankie Banx's beloved Dune Preserve... is this not the quintessential Anguilla beach bar? Open to the Caribbean Sea waves, with a stunning view of the ocean and St. Martin, and made of driftwood and other findings on the beach, you won't find a spot quite like this. For a beer (or Bankie's infamous centipede rum!), lunch or a nighttime hang out, a visit to Bankie's Dune Preserve is a must-do.

  • Aug 1, Anguilla Carnival
    Anguilla Carnival is the island's biggest summer festival held annually in August. From boat races, to beach parties, BBQs and band stands. It is one of the most popular Carnivals in the Caribbean!

  • Jul 29, Gwen's Reggae Grill
    Once set on Upper Shoal Bay, today Gwen's Reggae Grill can be found on Lower Shoal Bay. An institution on the famous beach, Gwen's colorful beach bar is especially popular on Sundays when the Scratch Band performs and extra-good times roll.

  • Jul 15, Leon's at Malliouhana
    Malliouhana's beloved restaurant on the beach is BACK! Welcome to Leon's. Right on Meads Bay, Leon's is a must-do for its Meads Bay blue, excellent beach food and inspired coconut cocktails!

  • Jul 12, Ember Restaurant
    Chef Marc Alvarez's talents are on full display at his very first restaurant, Ember. Get set for an explosion of wood fired flavor!

  • Jun 29, Villa Soleil
    Welcome to Anguilla's sunshine villa, Villa Soleil! A 5,000 square foot, four bedroom villa set on idyllic Island Harbour ridge with sweeping views of Savannah Bay and views to Captain's Bay.

  • Jun 25, Anguilla Resort... Anguilla Great House Beach Resort
    Looking for a sweet, serene, yet simple Anguilla resort? Anguilla Great House is an affordable option right on Rendezvous Bay.

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