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Last Update: Mon, 15 Jul 2019 17:52:46 -0400
  • Jul 15, Leon's at Malliouhana
    Malliouhana's beloved restaurant on the beach is BACK! Welcome to Leon's. Right on Meads Bay, Leon's is a must-do for its Meads Bay blue, excellent beach food and inspired coconut cocktails!

  • Jul 12, Ember Restaurant
    Chef Marc Alvarez's talents are on full display at his very first restaurant, Ember. Get set for an explosion of wood fired flavor!

  • Jun 29, Villa Soleil
    Welcome to Anguilla's sunshine villa, Villa Soleil! A 5,000 square foot, four bedroom villa set on idyllic Island Harbour ridge with sweeping views of Savannah Bay and views to Captain's Bay.

  • Jun 25, Anguilla Resort... Anguilla Great House Beach Resort
    Looking for a sweet, serene, yet simple Anguilla resort? Anguilla Great House is an affordable option right on Rendezvous Bay.

  • Jun 23, Anguilla's Off Season
    Come end of August, Anguilla quiets right down. Following the end of Carnival, many businesses close up for a couple of months, taking a much needed rest to rejunevate for the upcoming season. These are the restaurants that will remain open during the off-season this 2019.

  • May 30, Almond Tree Villa
    A 1,500 square foot villa perfectly built for two, Almond Tree Villa is a steal of an Anguilla villa deal! With contemporary finishings, luxurious outdoor lounge spaces, Caribbean Sea views and even a pool, it is hard to beat Almond Tree's value.

  • May 29, Bar Soleil
    Malliouhana's bar is iconic. Known for its expansive sunset views, imaginative cocktails and excellent lunch fare, the bar at Malliouhana is BACK. Welcome to Bar Soleil.

  • May 27, Cafe Celeste at Malliouhana
    Chef Jusman So restores Michel Rostang's original vision to Malliouhana with sophisticated French-Caribbean cuisine executed at sky-high standards. Welcome to Malliouhana's signature restaurant, Cafe Celeste.

  • May 26, 2Extreem Watersports
    2Extreem delivers the screams! For all things fun in the sun, 2Extreem Watersports offers a boat load of water tubes, waterskiing and even wakeboarding. Available at by-the-half-hour rates, it's a must-do for thrill-seekers and families with kids!

  • May 19, Beach BBQ at Belmond Cap Juluca
    BBQ on the beach and under the stars? Belmond Cap Juluca's is a refined, gourmet feast!

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