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Anguilla Blog
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Last Update: Sat, 15 Sep 2018 08:33:05 -0400
  • Sep 15, VIDEO: Deadman's Bay, Scrub Island
    Climb aboard with Nature Boy for one of the most exciting adventures in Anguilla!... infamous Deadman's Bay on Scrub Island.

  • Sep 13, New Creations Food Van
    New Creations serves up quality cuisine from inside their bright, blue van set in The Valley. At an affordable price, Chefs Kylon and Lee get it right!

  • Sep 4, Faustina's Kitchen
    Faustina's Kitchen is one of Anguilla's fastest growing BBQ spots. Convenient, affordable and down right delicious, it offers serious smoked BBQ bang for your buck!

  • Sep 4, Anguilla Ferry From St. Maarten and Marigot
    There are many ways to get to Anguilla. Our favorite route? Simple, it involves just 1 flight and 1 Anguilla ferry!

  • Sep 1, Sea Spray Boutique
    Painted pretty pastels, Sea Spray Boutique beckons you in as you pass the Sandy Ground round-a-bout! A one stop shop for locally made crafts and fruity smoothies, Pam's sweet shop is well worth the stop.

  • Aug 3, Cafe 264
    A colorful one stop shop in the heart of The Valley, Cafe 264 specializes in healthy smoothies and indulgent snacks.

  • Jul 23, Anguilla's Off Season
    Come end of August, Anguilla quiets right down. Following the end of Carnival, many businesses close up for a couple of months, taking a much needed rest to rejunevate for the upcoming season. These are the restaurants that will remain open during the off-season this 2018.

  • Jun 26, Da'Vida's Tapas = High Anguilla Restaurant Ratings
    Da'Vida is on top of their tapas game! They are their tastiest yet, scoring high Anguilla restaurant ratings!

  • Jun 26, Village Bakehouse
    If you have a soft spot for sugary French treats and artisan breads, Village Bakehouse cafe and bakery is a must-visit. Suzan and Pascal Baronnier's pastries and lunch specials are more conveniently located than before - now in West End.

  • Jun 26, Anguilla Pictures, Photos and Art -- Lynne Bernbaum
    Anguilla is home to many fascinating galleries. On just about every turn of the road, you'll see a sign for a studio. Anguilla pictures, photos and beautiful art abound!

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